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K-11 FAQ

Grades K-11 School Portrait Day


Q. When is school picture day?

A. You will be notified by school and/or South Coast Photographic.

Check our website under your school listing.

Q. What are these pictures used for?

A. All students must be photographed. These pictures are used for yearbook, ID card, school records and personal packages.

Q. If I am a Senior do I need to take this picture?

A. Yes. It will be used for ID card and school records.

Q. How should we prepare for picture day?

A. Try to avoid having the students haircut within two weeks prior to picture day, limit exposure to sun a few days before, have your own supplies for touch up ie; makeup and hair supplies

Q. What should I wear?

A. Solid colors and sleeves are the best choice, avoid shirts with logos and slogans. Simple accessories ie; earrings, pins and necklaces.

Q. What if my child is absent on picture day?

A. We usually offer at least one makeup day. The school will notify students. Or check our website under school listings for updates.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Cash, checks and money orders. Checks payable to South Coast Photographic, checks must include students name and school.

Q. What if I forget to send payment on picture day?

A. Mail payment directly to: South Coast Photographic 3071 E. Ceena Court, Anaheim, CA 92806 (please include student’s name, school and grade).

Q. What if I receive the wrong package?

A. There will be an orange reorder/adjustment form enclosed in all packages complete form as best you can and mail with complete package.

Q. Can I reorder more pictures?

A. There will be an orange reorder form inside package please complete form with payment and mail to the address on top of form.

Q. Does the student’s school benefit from package sales?

A. Yes. A portion of all packages sold goes back to the school as fund raiser.


**South Coast Photographic does criminal background checks on employees.**